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New Years Resolutions

January 18, 2010

1. Present at three conferences with three different papers.
2. If Film Threat decides to be permanently extinct, find another reliable internet magazine to write for.
3. Lose at least 15 pounds. A pretty superficial goal, I know, but in the past three years or so my metabolism has dropped dramatically (or it’s a thyroid problem, but who knows? what with not having insurance and all.) and I’ve gotten to a point where I’m not physically happy with myself. It will probably take a dramatic kind of change (I’m thinking of trying my dad’s vegan/no preservatives thing) and I’m not looking forward to that. I like to cook. I like to eat. Losing weight is bullshit.
4. Practice the piano. Ideally every day, but at least a few hours a week.
5. Make this blog and Dear Jesus into something I’m proud of. Start some weekly/monthly series. Make a new banner. Interviews, art, interesting links.

6. Hike in Moab.
7. Organize a photo walk or two. (Part of this goal will be getting new batteries for my camera, I guess)
8. Submit an article to a children’s magazine.
9. Spend some time making art that I don’t have to follow from a pattern.
10. Make this house some curtains.
11. Learn to knit.
12. Take Scott camping up at my parents’ cabin.
13. Visit the animal sanctuary  in Kanab.
14.  Create an herb garden.
15. Read 100 books.


Some Shout Outs

January 18, 2010

I recently went through my blogroll and deleted the blogs I read just because I hate that person and want to feel better than them. You know the types. The people you barely know anymore but still bother to keep up with, examining their photos for blemishes and mocking their blotchy newborns. I decided that this is probably a sentiment I could do without. And now it turns out that I hardly have any blogs to check up on.

Some, but not enough, of my friends have blogs, most with blogs do not post often enough for my liking (my liking would be twice a day, so I don’t expect everyone to comply, but you should at least post once a week, right? Keep me entertained!) and others with blogs only post about their business. And as much as I like your business, throw in some personal shit once in a while. (Lady Danburry does a great job with combining the personal with the professional. Thanks, Lady!)

Does anyone who reads this blog read strangers’ blogs? I’m not really expecting an answer in the affirmative here since I haven’t done any promotion for this blog and my stats reflect that. How do you find those blogs? Why do you find them interesting? I tend to scan through a few film blogs (Film Experience and Final Girl are a couple of my favorites), but for the most part I stick to friends. And I just don’t have that many interesting friends.

Oddly enough I really like reading the blogs of my friends that have kids. It’s such a foreign experience for me since those friends with kids have always moved away (I don’t blame them, Utah isn’t a great place for child rearing, I’m sure) and I never ever ever ever plan to have one of my own. Samantha‘s blog is fascinating to me, and so is Natasha‘s, because one kid is one thing, and two kids seems to be quite another. The shit those women have to deal with when they enter that Mother world baffles me! They also seem to be a lot more candid than my other blogging friends…I don’t know if it’s because they’re constantly being pooped on, barfed on, etc. so there’s just no more dignity left, or if they just want a more honest recording of their daily trials. Either way, it’s pretty cool.

Heather Conover‘s blog is a good mix of informative and personal and funny. I also love Heather Adair‘s crafting blog when she actually posts on it – which is rare, and that’s stupid, since I keep checking it every day and wasting my precious time. Aaron/Brian/Gavin/Dusty/etc. have Killer Buds, but I really miss when they all had separate blogs they also maintained with simpler formats and more gossip…ok, hardly any gossip, but I gobbled up whatever I could.

I used to have family members that blogged, but the only ones left that do it consistently are Stephanie and my sister Madison (I won’t even bother with her link because it’s private, which is another thing I think is stupid). Stephanie always has great pictures of my favorite cousin-once-removed and Madison always has good dirt on the boys she thinks are cute (could that be the reason for the privacy??).

So if you have a blog you should leave me a comment, you should add me to your private little lives. I’ll rarely comment on your blog, but you should know I’m probably checking it 5, 6, 27 times a day. Don’t disappoint me.